7 Genius Ways to Boost Your Reach Using Pinterest Marketing


7 Genius Ways to Boost Your Reach Using Pinterest Marketing

While it doesn’t always like to refer to itself as a social media platform, Pinterest is one of the greatest marketing tools accessible for organically developing an online brand and promoting traffic to your website or blog.

That being said, sometimes called a visual discovery platform – Pinterest, in simplest terms, is a way for users to find new and exciting content through images and videos, as well as from the advice of other users.

However, the easiest way to think of Pinterest is simply as a search engine like Google, but with the added bonus of encouraged group participation and collaboration.

While you don’t need followers to increase your brand-awareness on Pinterest – something heavily encouraged on platforms like Twitter or Instagram – you do need to be aware of the value in the longevity of your pins, as they can be searchable for months, even years, later.

In that sense, when using Pinterest as a tool to optimize web traffic – it’s best to think of it in the strictest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods possible. Or rather, Pinterest’s own unique brand of Visual SEO.

All that being said, here are 7 Powerful Ways to Get More Traffic with Pinterest:

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