Social Media And Digital Marketing Facts YOU NEED TO KNOW

Social Media Statistics show that social media and social media marketing is here to stay in 2016 and long beyond. Here are the facts and numbers that proof it.

Social Media Marketing is not a fun game – it is a serious business. But some of the numbers may not be what you expect and many of them can point your business in the right direction. Knowing the market is necessary for better results.

Know your numbers and be a better marketer!

Some facts and numbers simply can and should not be ignored. Before you decide on your Social Media strategy for your business take a look at the following social media statistics – you may be surprised.

1. 31% of the world’s population uses Social MediaBildschirmfoto 2016-07-04 um 11.56.31

Here is one of the social media statistics that never fails to impress: Considering a world population of 7.4 bio. people and 2.3 bio. active users of one or other social media platform, an impressive 31% of the world’s population takes an active part in social media.

Source: We Are Social

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2. 91% Of Retail Brands Use 2 Or More Social Channels

Unsurprisingly Facebook is the most used channel with 100% saturation for most of the considered categories. Twitter came in second with still more than 90% saturation followed by Youtube.

Source: Adweek

3. Internet users have an average of 5.54 Social Media accounts

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-04 um 12.00.17

While people only actively engage on 2.82 social platforms, they have accounts on 5.54 social networks. The age group of 16 – 24 have the most social accounts (6.649). This age group is most loyal to Facebook followed by LinkedIn.

Source: Global Webindex

4. Only 20 of the Fortune 500Companies engage with their customers on Facebook while 83% have a Twitter account

If you want to reach out to executives, LinkedIn will most of the time be the place to go.

Source: Business2Community

5. 96% of the people that discuss a brand online, do not follow the brand on social media

Counting a brand’s followers is more or less a vanity metric. Most of the conversations about a brand are not going on on their social profiles.

Source: BrandWatch

6. 78% of the people that complain to a brand on Twitter expect an answer within an hour

53% of people expect a response to a question on Twitter to come within an hour. For complaints people are even less patient: 78% expect an answer within an hour.

Source: Lithium

7. The top three Content Marketing tactics are: Blogging (65%), Social Media (64%) and Case Studies (64%)

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-04 um 12.04.47

While many content marketing tactics go hand in hand and influence the success of the other, these are the most commonly identified methods with a positive impact.

Source: B2B Content Marketing Report

8. There are 40 mio. active small business Facebook Pages

Only 2 mio. of them are active advertisers.

Source: TechCrunch

9. 62% of social logins are made with Facebook

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-04 um 12.07.10

When logging into brands, publishers or apps, most people still use Facebook. Google accounts for 24% of social logins, Twitter for only 7%.

Source: Adage

10. 500 mio. people visit Twitter every month – without logging in

This allows marketers to reach a huge additional audience than the registered or logged in Twitter users via Twitter advertising.

Source: Twitter Blog

11. There are a total of 1.3 bio. Twitter accounts – only 320 mio. of which are active

Source: Business Insider

12. 500 mio. Tweets are sent every day

That is 6000 tweets every second, 350000 per minute – on average. Not every second or minute is equal, some events account for high peaks in Tweets per second.

Source: Internet Live Stats

13. 85,3% of US companies are on Facebook – 65,8% on Twitter

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-04 um 12.10.40

Instagram is still in third place with 48,8% of US companies – but closing in rapidly and likely to overtake Twitter in 2017.

Source: eMarkter


14. More than 1 mio. members have published content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has 400 mio. members, 100 mio. of those log in on a monthly basis. Only 1 mio. of those members have used the opportunity to publish content directly on LinkedIn.

Source: LinkedIn Blog

15. 66% of the content pinned on Pinterest comes from brands

Pinterest has 100 mio. monthly active members. They pin mainly content that originates on business websites.

Source: Social Score Media

16. 47 % of people say that Facebook has influenced their purchase behavior

That number is increasing rapidly – the previous year 68% of people said there was no influence on their purchase behavior via Facebook.

Source: Convince And Convert

17. 46% of marketers are still not sure they have generated ROI

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-04 um 12.16.03

13% are sure they generated ROI. Part of this may be due to the fact that only 14% connect social media activities to sales.

Source: Marketing ProfsBildschirmfoto 2016-07-04 um 12.19.20

18. Instagram is the most important social network for teens and young adults (32%).

Instagram is followed by Twitter (24%), Facebook (14%), Snapchat (13%) and Tumblr (4%).

Source: Mary Meeker Internet Trends

19. 60% think that measuring ROI is one of their top social media marketing challenges.

Other challenges are tying social activities to a business outcome (50%) and developing their social media strategy (48%).

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-04 um 12.20.22

Source: Simply Measured

20. 64% of sales people reported closing at least one deal as a direct result of using social media

Sales people with good social media skills are far more likely to beat their sales quotas than sales people that lack social media skills.

Source: Forbes

21. The most important goal for small business social media programms is brand awareness (74%)

Other goals are website traffic (51%) and lead generation (41%).

Source: Simply Measured

22. 43% of digital marketers say social media is one of their most effective tactics

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-04 um 12.23.57

49% of the digital marketers also claim it is one of the most difficult tactics.

Source: The Next Web

23. 57% of customers say they are influenced by positive online comments and praiseSocial Media Marketing is not a fun game – it is a serious business. Social media stats, facts, and numbers proof it - but they may also surprise you.

16% of consumers say they only share positive reviews. Still, 24% of small businesses have no social media presence at all.

Source: Direct Marketing

There is so much to know about social media, the impact it can have on your business and what you can achieve with it. Some of these social media statistics and numbers may just help to point you in the right direction, clear up some misunderstandings and confirm the power social media has.


Handle the numbers with care. Social Media is evolving and the numbers can  change quickly. And while social media statistics are great to learn from, they do not mean that the numbers can be applied to any business and situation. You still need to figure out your own best practices and the right social networks for your situation.

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