The Top 5 Marketing Challenges for 2020 According to Marketing Leaders


With the start of a new year comes new marketing strategies and initiatives. And as is the nature of the beast, with these new plans come a whole host of marketing challenges. In a recently conducted survey by Sirkin Research and commissioned by NewsCred, we set out to find the biggest challenges plaguing marketing leaders in 2020 and offer some proposed solutions. Here are the top five challenges according to the survey results.

Marketing challenge #1

82% of the marketing leaders surveyed cited the inability to attribute campaign or content activity to revenue as one of their major marketing challenges.

Proving campaign and content ROI is the number one challenge for marketing executives. In a survey of B2B marketers published on LinkedIn, only 39% considered themselves at least somewhat successful at tracking ROI. With multichannel campaigns (e.g. social, blog, newsletter, webinar, etc.) leading to multiple customer touch points, it can be incredibly difficult to pin down which content activities are directly attributable to closing a deal or leading to a sale.

Solution: NewsCred’s CMP ties revenue to specific pieces of content, allowing marketing leaders to know exactly which content efforts have impacted sales.

Marketing challenge #2

80% of marketers say that one of their main challenges is that they lack a single, unified calendar to visualize all marketing campaigns, projects, and content development.

Without a calendar that acts as a single source-of-truth, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of all marketing initiatives, especially if your team is spread across different regions. From events to social and content campaigns, all marketers need visibility into what’s on the docket, and a spreadsheet is no longer efficient enough to track the intricacies of today’s campaigns. A unified calendar will keep your team aligned and can even help to keep duplicated campaign asset and content efforts to a minimum — all of which can become their own marketing challenges.

Solution: Our calendar helps enterprise marketing teams maintain a comprehensive view of all marketing campaigns and big rock content initiatives on a single platform. With visibility into all activity on a centralized calendar within the NewsCred CMP (content marketing platform), the full scope of work is on display and accessible in real-time, empowering individuals to execute full campaigns or facilitate content production and distribution across various channels.

Marketing challenge #3

Only 5% of survey respondents say the inability to measure their team’s operational performance is not considered one of their marketing challenges.

As marketing resources (budget, headcount, etc.) are infamously scant, efficiency is the name of the game. But unless you have insight into how quickly your team is working, you’ll have trouble identifying where things are getting held up and therefore, be unable to maximize your team’s effectiveness. Do approvals slow your team down? Which steps in content production are taking the longest and how can you help your team to streamline those processes? Marketing leaders need answers to these questions.

Solution: NewsCred’s platform provides in-depth operational analytics, giving visibility into team productivity — specifically monitoring the volume of content produced, rate of on-time performance, and workflow efficiency. These metrics help marketing leaders pinpoint bottlenecks and make the necessary adjustments to increase team efficiency and therefore, marketing output.

Marketing challenge #4

Managing ad hoc work requests is a notable marketing challenge in 2020. 92% of respondents say they are currently unable to efficiently manage impromptu asks from other parts of the organization.

Unfortunately, most marketing teams aren’t lucky enough to have a designated project manager who handles the endless ad hoc marketing requests that flood marketers’ daily to-do lists. In fact, according to the survey, most marketing teams don’t have any processes or technology in place to centrally manage and prioritize incoming marketing requests from cross-functional stakeholders. This means that ad hoc requests either impede ongoing work or remain unaddressed — both of which pose marketing challenges.

Solution: NewsCred’s intelligent work intake solution — Marketing Work Requestsis strategically designed to provide an end-to-end solution that unifies the entire creative delivery process: from intelligent intake to content creation and brand approval, through to distribution and digital asset management. With shareable and customizable intake forms that are then intelligently routed to the appropriate team member, it’s easy to keep track of one-off requests.

Marketing challenge #5

45% of marketers say that being able to change priorities is a necessity for being an agile organization, but it is one of the top marketing challenges that they face.

We’ve all been there: you’re focusing on an important campaign when suddenly you get an email from leadership saying that there’s an upcoming campaign opportunity that needs to be capitalized on — and fast. But being able to shift your entire enterprise marketing team’s direction so suddenly can be incredibly difficult, especially if there aren’t any processes in place. The fact is that this will likely happen on a regular basis (we all know how quickly company priorities can change), so what is a marketing leader to do?

Solution: If you have all of your assets and campaign elements in one platform, you can easily take a step back from any initiative and revisit it later without losing any progress. NewsCred’s software acts as a marketing resource management solution, making it easy for teams to be agile and pivot back and forth between initiatives since everything is organized in one place.

Marketing challenges summary

As depicted in the top five marketing challenges, marketers are in need of a centralized place to manage and measure all marketing-related work. Implementing a solution that acts as a single-source-of-truth and provides visibility into all initiatives will help enterprise marketers tackle and streamline their processes, reduce bottlenecks, and decide which campaigns are generating the most ROI so they can continue rallying around those specific efforts.

Request a demo to see how NewsCred’s CMP can solve your biggest marketing challenges, boost your team’s output, and enhance performance.

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