The Number One Reason You Should Start a Podcast


The Number One Reason You Should Start a Podcast

I bought all the gear and promptly put it in a cupboard. Out of sight and out of mind.

I had an idea about a new project.

And I didn’t start.

Sound familiar?

For the next 3 years, it sat in the dark waiting to see the light of day. To be plugged in and set up. Like a lot of us, I am sometimes a master procrastinator.

And there are many reasons for putting things off. For me, I knew that it would be a lot of work to set it up and once I started I would need a whole team to help me.

It was daunting.

So part of the problem was that the road to starting had too much friction. What it needed was a big reason to get my butt into gear!

Over a long lunch overlooking the sparkling harbor with a friend, we got to talking about podcasting. He came up with some benefits that I didn’t realize that came with launching and publishing a regular podcast. I now had enough reasons to hit the “go button.”

For the next two months I took it on as my personal project and I realized why I hadn’t started. It was complex and overwhelming.

But I pressed on and the questions of how to start started piling up.

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