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The DigitalMarketer staff is back with more recommendations to fill some time while you quarantine. We hope you enjoyed the books that we suggested (and learned something new along the way), but now we’re changing our medium of choice to podcasts.

Podcasts are great for numerous reasons: they can be entertaining, informational, and, above all, somewhat time-consuming (which is a good thing these days). But, maybe most important of all, it’s easy to multitask while you listen to podcasts.

We can’t think of a much better way for you to spend some time in quarantine. So, without further ado, here’s a few of our favorite podcasts we’re listening to right now.

1. My Brother, My Brother and Me

image of my brother, my brother and me podcast

Becky Zieber, Content Strategist:

I like to listen to podcasts on walks, during my commute, or while I’m at the barn with my horse, so I like podcasts that are fun, engaging, and more entertaining than educational. My Brother, My Brother and Me is positive and happy, and it’s really like seeing an old friend since I’ve been a long-time subscriber (in the case of MBMBAM, over 500 hours of content…).

2. Perpetual Traffic

image of perpetual traffic podcast

Amanda Powell, Director of Content Marketing:

I might be biased, but I love our weekly episodes of Perpetual Traffic. We delve into both the paid and organic side of marketing at all levels of the funnel. I love learning something new every episode that I can take back to the team to start implementing. And because there’s always something new and exciting to try, we get to talk to guests who are breaking barriers and seeing results using cool, new strategies.

3. DigitalMarketer Podcast

image of digitalmarketer podcast

Erin MacPherson, Head of Content:

I listen to podcasts in the car when I drive to work each day– and whenever there is a new DM Podcast episode, I take the long way to work because it never fails to give me easy-to-implement ideas that I can put into practice right away.

4. The HubCast 

image of the hubcast podcast

Devin Coor, Sales Operations & Enablement Manager:

Each HubCast episode is the perfect dose of what’s new in the HubSpot platform, user stories, a deep dive into a particular tool or capability in HubSpot, and even a “wish list” discussion. I’m pretty sure even HubSpot listens to it. Carina Duffy and Marcus Sheridan do a great job.

5. Sawbones

image of sawbones podcast

Jenna Snavely, Content Manager of Production:

I love Sawbones and anything the McElory Brothers do! They’re mainly known for My Brother, My Brother and Me [Becky’s pick] and The Adventure Zone (a D&D podcast… I’ve listened to one campaign like 3 times all the way through and cried each time, if that tells you anything). Their podcasts appeal to a wide audience and allow you to self-select by just being their full selves. And they come out with new creative projects all the time!

6. Hidden Forces

image of hidden forces podcast

Garrett Hardy, Paid Media Manager:

The Hidden Forces podcast is great and talks about the factors affecting markets and just the world in general. It’s really in-depth material and every guest is a subject matter expert in some field so you really learn a lot.

7. Armchair Expert

image of armchair expert podcast

Justina Fenberg, Marketing Coordinator:

I like Armchair Expert a lot. They interview actors and comedians. I get a ton of value from “entertaining” podcasts because I really enjoy learning how people interact with the world. It’s just nice to hear people share their perspectives and connect with others who have similar experiences. This podcast fits that description perfectly.

8. From Poop to Gold

image of poop to gold podcast

Marcus Murphy, Head of Partnerships:

I love Armchair Expert, but I also really like From Poop to Gold. I like that they focus on successful people who had slow starts but turned it around. It’s humbling and inspiring.

9. Fake Doctors, Real Friends

image of fake doctors real friends podcast

Sam Clark, Content Manager of eLearning:

If you are a fan of the television series Scrubs (which is one of my favorite shows of all time), then you’ll love Fake Doctors, Real Friends. It’s basically a director’s commentary for the show. It’s just fun to hear Zach Braff and Donald Faison banter and talk about the behind the scenes stuff.

10. The Rewatchables

image of the rewatchables podcast

Doug Bloom, Video Production Manager:

Lots of the Ringer podcasts are really good, but I really like The Rewatchables. It’s a really cool deep dive into movies that the hosts deem “rewatchable”. They chat about what was going on with the actors/director at the time, possible other options for casting and break down best and worst scenes. I know a few others here at DM really like this podcast too.

11. I Love Marketing

image of i love marketing podcast

Matt Swan, Director of Marketing:

This podcast with Joe Polish is GREAT content for marketers. It’s not always a consistent show, meaning the episodes and topics can vary, but it is consistently quality content. I Love Marketing is a must of marketers.

With 11 podcasts to start subscribing to, you have a lot of listening to do. Get ready to break out those earbuds, headphones, or AirPods and press play!

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