How Predictive Algorithms Are Transforming Data into Decisions


How Predictive Algorithms Are Transforming Data into Decisions

Using data to drive business decisions is certainly not a new concept.

Although we think of algorithms as being a modern feature, the first study of patterns and use of inference dates back to the 4th century when Euclid published his theorems in geometry!

The first predictive algorithm was created by Carl Gauss, who charted trends to predict the likelihood of a specific outcome and gave us the ubiquitous Gaussian curve in statistics.

Thankfully, we now have technology on our laps that makes complex but accurate analytics and forecasting part of everyday business operations.

Today, one of the most popular uses for AI technology in marketing specifically is predictive analysis, along with personalization.


Image Source: Marketing Charts

But can we really rely on AI or algorithms for all of our marketing decisions? Here’s how predictive analysis technology actually applies best for data-driven strategic planning.

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