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How Executives are Adapting to a New World of Constant Change


How Executives are Adapting to a New World of Constant Change

Being in the C-Suite is high pressure in 2021…

In fact, two-thirds of executives believe that the recent world events, and the aftermath, will be the most challenging time in their career.

Expectations from stakeholders are higher than ever. The workforce is mobile and global. Many young executives are underqualified for dealing with the complexities of a new world.

Frankly, not many people are equipped to deal with disruption and constant change. We’ve grown up with stability and structure. That’s what we crave.

But the business world is offering up something quite different.

The world events of 2020 are a sign of things to come. The future is about readiness, innovation, and acceptance of a new normal. Fortune will favor the brave, lethargy will destroy the weak.

The modern executive needs to be comfortable with the pain of constant change or they’ll die a slow corporate death.

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