Do New Domain Name Extensions Impact SEO?


Do New Domain Name Extensions Impact SEO?

Considering a new domain name extension but worried about how it will impact your SEO?

In 2012, ICANN released what are known as “new top-level domains (nTLDs)” to enhance innovation, competition, and consumer choice in domain names.

Examples of nTLDs that you may be familiar with are .ONLINE, .STORE, or .TECH (There are over 1200 options!)

Is it possible to rank on Google with a new domain extension?

Many site owners are concerned that these new domain name extensions will negatively impact their SEO efforts.

Is that true or just an urban myth?

Here’s what Google has to say about it…

“Overall, our systems treat nTLDs like other TLDs (.com and .org, etc).” – Google Webmasters Blog

In fact, Google itself uses nTLDs for new businesses that sign up for Google My Business – [Business Name].business.SITE

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Not convinced?

Here are a few examples of brands with new domain extensions ranking at the top of a Google search:

www.louder.ONLINE – SEO and Content Marketing Agency


www.emirates.STORE – Official Online Store of Emirates

Emirates has two websites – it hosts its commercial website on a .COM and its merchandise website on a .STORE. When you do a Google search for “Emirates Store”, guess which website shows up as the first search result?


www.ces.TECH – Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas


In short, YES, it is 100% possible to rank on Google with a new domain name extension.

Of course, that doesn’t make it easy…

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