11 Life-Changing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore


11 Life-Changing Trends You Shouldn't Ignore

I decided to leap on my bike and ride through the city. The silence was deafening.

The metropolis of 5 million people was no longer a breathing mass of humanity and energy.


Empty and frozen.


It felt like I had stepped into a movie.

A nightmare.

The leaves blew across deserted streets.

Teeming busy cafes and bars were shut and staring back with empty windows.

Roads with red lights begged to be disobeyed.

The harbor filled with ferries was emptied.

Just lapping waves.

My friendly and busy city where I played, socialized, and worked was a ghost town.

No cars to be seen.  

I half expected a tank to clatter around the corner. Troops masked and behind a barricade. Air raid sirens to switch on.

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